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There is also a section with Websites with lists of AI/chatbots There are also tablet and smart phone bots That are which are divided further into Apple, Blackberry, Iphone/Ipad/Itunes, Raspberry, Various tablet/phones, And Windows phones.

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You will find places to search for other table or phone bots as well as AIML links and Ultrahal plugin links.Films like “Her” and “Ex Machina”reflect our anxieties about what intelligent machines mean for humanity.But AI, in and of itself, is genderless and sexless.The scale of the sexual harassment issue is unclear. Eckstein says 5% of interactions in their database are categorized as clearly sexually explicit, although he believes the actual number is far higher due to the difficulty of identifying them automatically.It may not be long before any smartphone user will be able to type or say “I want a flight from London to New York this Thursday” in a messaging app and almost instantly a message showing a list of flight times, prices and carriers will be received, with buying tickets and checking-in all available within the conversation.

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