Allow automatic updating android market

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Since Google’s mobile operating system can run tasks in the background, it should have no trouble automatically downloading updates for apps that you always want running on the latest version.

It makes sense to leverage that functionality to make users’ lives a little easier.

What do I have to do, so that ALL apps can be updated, either automatically or manually through Google Play? I haven't used it myself though but its worth the try.

I also know some other way to trick Google Play but is of questionable legality, use google if you want to know it.

If you’ve ever glanced at your Android phone and noticed a dozen or so apps that all have pending updates, you know how tediously frustrating it can be to click through each app and manually update them one-by-one.

This rumored automatic app updating feature would completely solve that problem.

Sometimes, it’s the little things – the details – that really make all the difference. What we’re getting at here is that sometimes the smallest little smartphone features can make a huge difference in the way you use it.

It’s not the size of the feature, it’s how you use it. Case in point, Android OS 2.2’s automatic app updating feature.

But after some trolling (“No one cares, take this $#! You see, if the below pic is the real deal, then we could see an option to allow applications on your Android phone to automatically update when new versions of that application are available: You really don’t understand how long I’ve, well, longed for this.The auto-update feature could also address the fragmentation issue.We already know that Froyo will tackle fragmentation by de-coupling (unbundled) some core apps – like Google Maps – from the Android OS and making them separately downloadable apps in the Android Market.Note: If you’re using Google Play on a Chromebook, find out about app updates here.To automatically update apps on your Android device: The app will update automatically when updates are available. To update apps individually or in bulk using the Google Play Store app on your mobile device: Note: Some apps require new permissions when they are updated.

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