Islamic dating traditions

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When searching for a spouse, Muslims often involve an extended network of friends and family.Conflict arises when parents don't approve of the child's choice, or parents and children have different expectations.

Understanding these can help us understand the issues which affect male and female status and roles, and how we should react to movements which seek to improve the situation of women in any of the countries where Muslims live.For women: In general, standards of modesty call for a woman to cover her body, particularly her chest.The Quran calls for women to "draw their head-coverings over their chests" (-31), and the Prophet Muhammad instructed believing women to cover their bodies except for their face and hands.Although there are some features of the feminist cause with which we as Muslims would wish to join hands, other features generate our disappointment and even opposition.There is therefore no simple or "pat" answer to the question of the future cooperation or competition which feminism may meet in an Islamic environment.

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