Uilabel not updating

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when I let go and it springs back, the score on the view is updated. – bbarnhart Dec 9 '14 at | show more comments 相关推荐:uitableview - Storing / Retrieving Core Data in Custom Cell in Swift the Stored Date displayed in a Table View.– Drew Dec 5 '14 at When you added dynamically reflect any changes. :-) – Drew Dec 5 '14 at reload Data will reload all the data. That example with the delegate methods is what you want. I am able to successfully retrieve the dates in Core Data and display the Time Between for each Stored Date in the Table View.Right now you are creating a new instance and not assign it a new value.Also think about whether you really need a global variable here.

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I don't remember pulling weather data from a plist.

You have "let current Weather Dictionary = weather Dictionary["Currently"] as?

[String: Any Object]" It needs to be "let current Weather Dictionary = weather Dictionary["currently"] as?

I thought I followed everything to a point, but for some reason my Labels are not updating. Looking at your app, both our Current Weather's are identical (besides a few name changes).

And I'm 100% sure my outlets are connected to the labels because of the circle in the gutter with the dot inside of it. That's where I thought the issue would be, but they're identical.

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