Accommodating diverse learning styles in an online environment

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Most Americans assume that the low achievement of poor and minority children is bound up in the children themselves or their families.

"The children don't try." "They have no place to study." "Their parents don't care." "Their culture does not value education." These and other excuses are regularly offered up to explain the achievement gap that separates poor and minority students from other young Americans. The fact is that we know how to educate poor and minority children of all kinds—racial, ethnic, and language—to high levels. Innovative second language education: Bilingual immersion programs.

Another possibility for generating interest or excitement at the beginning of class is to introduce an activity in a novel way.

Utilizing these strategies can help set an energetic mood for the lesson that follows, help build a positive rapport between the librarian and students, and start uncovering students’ understanding of research processes.

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Below we have the three major learning styles and ways in which you can accommodate them.In recent years, research works that aim to designate online learning environment based upon learning styles oranda artmakincrease substantially.In our research work; we evaluated researches are concerned with both online learning environment and learning styles together in the last decade.Participants will: @ Penn State Composition instructors and librarians frequently ride together in their quest to produce information literate students.“ Learning styles are different ways that a person can learn.

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