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Please note that this is a new quiz with little or no feedback rating from the Absurd Trivia community of players. Please help by rating the quiz after you have played Sherri Shepherd, who returned to the ABC talk show as a lead contributor this season, has signed on to host and executive produce WE TV’s unscripted series Match Made In Heaven for its upcoming second season.“When We TV approached me about partnering up with them I had to say yes.Take one look at Misee Harris, a sweet, soft-spoken southern belle from Tennessee (and a doctor and inventor for lawd’s sakes at only 29) you’d think she has it all.We know what our members want, and why they choose our black dating website or app to meet black singles.

She limited her dating options and walked willingly into a cage that she locked herself into. “I never thought that white men were attracted to me,” she confessed.

But upon recollection, she remembers a young doctor in medical school who to her was just “a homie,” in retrospect, ” I just never gave it much thought.

He was my friend but really acting like a boyfriend should/would. I remember him buying me this sweet gift the day after I took my medical entrance exam.”In other words, non-black men were interested all along, but her radar was only geared toward one of man to the exclusion of everyone else.

Black women are putting up with all kinds of horrible mistreatment from so-called, “good black men” who are very well aware of their highly esteemed status in the community. “My relationships with black men (not to say that all of them are this way)…. I was doing everything to keep the relationship alive. Not mean men, just inconsiderate.” But this isn’t really about blaming black men who have reached a certain level of success.

They are simply doing what any organization with a monopoly does–give horrible service because there’s no competition. Knowing that I had never even really considered dating a white man. Not because i think they are all perfect, but because I think they deserve just as much attention as I have given to black men in the past.”In other words, Misee has gotten the memo that a woman of her caliber and substance is worthy to entertain suitors of all races, colors and creeds. The time is ending where women like Misee are allowing themselves to wither on the vine. Women like Misee are why I write my fingers to the bone on this blog everyday.

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