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“It’s like he’s not even aware there’s another person involved.” When pressed for their motivations for sleeping with Jeff, some women claimed that it was better than sleeping alone.But researchers question the viability of that claim. Marshall left the band, and after scouring the ranks of their peers in a fruitless search to replace him – a process that included numerous pleading phone calls to former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro – the Peppers resorted to placing a want ad in the .The ad drew 5,000 calls the first day it ran, but few of the eager auditionees came close to fitting the bill.

It's difficult to look at the photograph without imagining that the spirit that lent it such poignant resonance is guarding the house and all who pass through its doors.You might not even notice the photograph if Anthony Kiedis hadn't pointed it out, surrounded as it is by dozens of others.But on closer inspection, the old black-and-white image that graces one wall of the singer's Hollywood Hills, Calif., home has a haunting, timeless quality that sets it apart.A monumental new study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago finds that straight women have comparably fewer orgasms than gay women, but for unknown reasons keep fucking Jeff anyway.Researchers have found that while a whopping 95% of heterosexual men have an orgasm during sexual encounters, only 65% of straight women do, with a scant 13% of straight women even come close to orgasming with Jeff.

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