Dating climatic episodes of the holocene

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The succession of climatic episodes, humid or dry, is pointed out along with their complex interactions.

These variations are placed in parallel to cultural phases of evolution in archeology and history.

Depuis cette époque le climat a cependant continué à beaucoup varier. 6 was collected at the northwestern margin of the Hula Lake, comprised almost entirely of lacustrine marl. Two samples from this core have been radiocarbon dated. 1 5 was collected in the middle of the marshes north of the Hula Lake consisting mainly of peat. Alpine glaciers advanced far below their previous (and present) limits, obliterating farms, churches, and villages in Switzerland, France, and elsewhere.Frequent cold winters and cool, wet summers led to In North America between 12, the Native American cultures of the upper Mississippi valley and the western prairies began a general decline as drier conditions set in, accompanied by a transfer from agriculture to hunting.

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