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I’ve written a few articles that I hope will help you make the right ukulele choice and keep the body parts sold to a minimum.If you’ve got any tips to share yourself, please do leave them in the comments.This type of ukulele probably from the 1920's is not rare or expensive.The brand is "May Bell" but this gives no real information about who actually made it because identical ukes were sold with other brand names.

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You should resist your initial inclination to replace the wooden tuning pegs because they belong on these models and work fine when you get used to them.This first episode features four unique Hawai`i artists: Grammy award-winning Kalani Pe`a, Hoku winner Anuhea, Hoku winner Henry Kapono and rising star Landon Mc Namara. Performance by your guest instructor and their special guests p.m.Kanile`a `Ukulele is proud to sponsor HA`INA: Stories of Music hosted by Kathy Muneno and Mc Kenna Maduli. Prize giveaways courtesy of Kanile`a and Islander `Ukulele p.m. Calling on all `ukulele dealers worldwide: Kanile`a `Ukulele will be at the Summer NAMM Show!Best ukuleles for Beginners Tips on the size and price of ukulele that people looking to buy their first ukulele should take into consideration.If you want me to cut to the chase, two good options for beginners are the Lanikai LU-21 and the Kala KA-S. Some thoughts on the pros and cons of the various sizes. A look at the sort of price you can expect to pay for your ukuleles.

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