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There are a wide range of antique mule chests, usually from the Georgian/Regency period, antique bedding boxes normally in pine from the Victorian and Edwardian period, many are upholstered and great decorative pieces.Other varieties of antique chests include antique cellaret chests (used for wine storage), antique Ottomans and military chests; these are great collectable items as they are difficult to acquire.Period coffers are mainly seen from the 17th and early 18th century and although are very simply made, they are very strong and robust so have stood the test of time and you can see some stunning examples still in good original condition full of lovely charm and character.They were built as dual purpose, storing goods such as bedding or silver and also a surface for sitting on or using as a side table.Originally placed at the end of the bed they sometimes doubled up as a seat or table.

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These traditional chests are used in a variety of ways such as storage, coffee tables and side tables.Sides extend to the ground with V shape cut out to form feet.Usually carved decoration on front (and sometimes sides); simply carved border on sides of lid and vertical edges of front.Here on Antiques world we sell some stunning examples and . H’ this antique oak coffer has a wonderfully carved leaf and floral decoration.Below are past examples that we have sold and if we do not have many in stock (as they do sell very fast), why not email us with your requirements as we can keep you informed of any new stock that may be suitable. It has a lift up lid above finely carved and unusual decorative panels with borders and stands on raised legs.

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