Dating the neighbor

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My best friend ended up dating her next-door neighbor and they are about to get married!

It just got me to thinking, would you take a chance on dating a neighbor? I can see where it will be awkward if we break up, but we live in a small apartment complex and if one of us had to move it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

So you’re halfway through your freshman orientation and noticed that your next-door neighbor is a total catch.

After spending time together and hitting it off, you are faced with the decision of whether you think it is a good idea to date your neighbor.

This helps you plan a date better and engage in activities which would reduce the awkwardness of a first date. If you have only seen your attractive neighbour from far, find a bit more about him/her.

You can ask others in your apartment building or in your neighbourhood about the person - like whether he/she is single, in school or has a job.

Rather than having to walk across campus to visit them, meeting up with your next-door significant other only requires a few steps and a knock on the door.

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Introduce yourself While doing a bit of homework about an attractive neighbour is how you can start out, it is not a substitute for a personal introduction.Your “extra friendly neighbor” will surely make your new significant other bring up the subject every now and then. ” Your partner would only feel that much more uncomfortable when they realize the person they just waved hi to might know your bedroom better than they do.Get used to questions and remarks with ulterior meanings like “how long have you two known each other? There are better options if you expand your search beyond just your neighborhood Don’t limit yourself to the confines of your block or your neighborhood when searching in the dating pool!But when you do, you run the risk of awkward stares, obvious attempts to avoid eye contact or even acknowledging each other’s existence, and worst of all, seeing when they “move on.” Do yourself a favor and don’t leave the door open to this possibility.Your next significant other will want to know about that “extra friendly neighbor.” Worst case scenario, your ex becomes a crappy neighbor.

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