I am dating my friends mom

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This isn’t the first time I’ve been snubbed, and I have to admit, I’m starting to develop a bit of a complex. Did my daughters not share their Calico Critters or – worse yet – did they pull a toy out of their kids’ hands?As far as I could tell, we were gracious hosts, and considering the dinner plates had nary a crumb and wine glasses were left dry, I’d even venture to say the meal we prepared wasn’t half-bad. When it comes to socializing these days, I’m beginning to notice a pattern: Not many moms seem interested in making friendships beyond one get-together.Granted, they live in an apartment in Manhattan, so space is tight.

) and he mentioned that his family had a good time at our home, they have never reciprocated, nor hinted at an invitation to their home."A baby in a stroller is the perfect conversation starter," says Lyss Stern, founder of Divalysscious Moms, a networking event company for New York City moms."You'll be amazed at how many people will stop to look at and comment on your adorable little baby -- and though it might seem annoying at first, don't be afraid to use it to your advantage. You never know who will have a daughter or a friend with a baby the same age."Find your local playground (some are tailored to infants and toddlers), sign up for a music class, look online for local meet-up mom groups, or simply plant yourself at a coffee shop."Don't wait around for some amazing mom to come up to you," says Samantha Ettus, mother of three and President of Mama Nation."But no matter how awkward you feel, just remember every new mom is in the same situation, and all moms, no matter what stage of motherhood they are in, crave friendship."So whether you're a new mom or a mom in a new situation (for example, you just moved to a new location), brushing up on those friend-making skills is key.Like any first date, making a first playdate with a new mom friend can be nerve-racking.

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