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It was a lucky day on Friday the 13th for start-up online dating site

The site, which launched on January 13, 2012, received a welcome with a nice write-up in Mashable.

Instead of paying monthly for their service, members purchase credits in a pay-as-you-go format.

When you apply for a job and have a series of interviews, the company interviewing you will go through some steps to verify what you’ve told them, while someone you’ve arranged a date with later this week might not do any kind of background check.

A company can easily catch you in a lie, and you’re no longer in contention for the job; thus, there’s an incentive not to lie, although people have surely lied extensively on their Linked In profiles and still gotten plenty of jobs.

was created with the hope of adding authenticity to online dating profiles by focusing on business information on Linked In.

I spoke with founder Navid Nadir, who has a degree in computer engineering from Queens University in Kingston, Canada. Both he and his wife were frustrated as they watched their single friends navigate online dating.

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