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The coalition is citing an earlier Office for Civil Rights statement that, to be prohibited, “harass[ing]” speech “does not have to include intent to harm, be directed at a specific target, or involve repeated incidents.” And the coalition is calling for the OCR to pressure universities (over which it has power, given its ability to cut off funding to universities) to, among other things, Of course, if Yik Yak and the other applications listed in the letter are banned from campus networks — which would, of course, block access to all speech on the applications, whether the speech is threatening or not — then either (1) the ban will be ineffective, given students’ ability to access those sites from their own cellular devices or (2) the speech will migrate elsewhere, onto new applications.Presumably universities would then need to ban access to those applications as well, running a constantly expanding Great Firewall of American Higher Education.But things don't work out quite the way the young hypnotist intended....A young man, desperate for a way out of his problems tries the Ultimate Solution.Take a ride to the kinky side with the good doctor as she discovers why girls have more fun with ... Adam discovers a computer program that allows him to become a virtual god to the people around him, allowing him the power to bend their reality to his specifications.A large coalition of advocacy groups has asked the U. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights to pressure colleges to (1) punish students for their speech and (2) block student access to certain Web sites — especially sites such as Yik Yak, which allow students to anonymously post their views.

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