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In 2009, in sadder times, I had a first-and-final foray into speed dating ‘for research purposes’.

Indeed, it was a ‘Speed Dating for Young Professionals’ evening hosted by Rachael Chan of fame.

I recall how almost all of the women were affluent mainland ladies working in the financial sector – I guess they were of the ‘cash rich, time poor’ persuasion and so speed dating made good sense.

Almost all worked for Goldmann Sachs, they often spoke great English and many laughed very, maniacally at my lame jokes.

Slightly overwhelmed and at a loss on what to focus on, I simply chose to just turn up for my personal assessment and one-on-one consultation with founder Kaitlin Kapur over tea at Café Gray Bar.

Extremely personable and friendly, Kapur gently but firmly coaxed me into giving her a brief overview of my previous relationships, my work life, social life and hobbies before flicking through my Facebook and Instagram. “As long as you keep them down to one or two a month, you’re good.

Guys connect more to natural and positive photos.” After 30 minutes of chatting, Kapur declared that I, like many young professionals, just need to go on as many dates as possible while keeping things light, fun and casual but to always make it clear, be it friends or someone you’re dating, that they need to make an effort to be part of your life. Date “a pair and a spare” Always have a pair and a spare — someone you’re dating, someone you’re seeing but not sure of and someone who you’ve put in the friend zone. It’ll make it easier for you to take things slow and be more laidback.

All attendees spent 3 minutes with each other one-on-one.Love is defined as a strong affection between two individuals.It is an emotion that attaches one person to another, and all good virtues stem from it. It might be densely populated but Hong Kong’s garnered a reputation for being a place where people flitter in and out — both literally and metaphorically.Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure to experience several months of a series of weird, funny and bizarre first dates (thanks Tinder), two relationships and, consequently, two quite tumultuous break-ups that came out of left field.

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