Swiss dating customs

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In order to help you prevent some of the more embarrassing blunders, we have compiled this non-exhaustive primer on etiquette in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

When greeting someone on the street, on the train or in a store, simply say if you are greeting more than one person, such as in elevators or waiting rooms.

" (as in "military bunkers") You have a better chance of hearing Swiss German in some small Siberian town near Lake Baikal, rather than on Jungfraujoch.

is Swiss German for "mistakes waiting to happen.) It starts with the way you address people and ends with how you cut your steak.

Netherlands- Splitting the bill is expected- every time.

Finland- You don't kiss on dates here and public displays of affection are frowned upon.

Bar dates are the best way to maintain privacy as the towns are so small that gossip spreads quickly.

Czech Republic- Ladies love to receive roses and tulips, however not lilies as these are often the flowers of funerals.

We take a look at those that are familiar to us and some that we need to brush up on if we are planning to date someone not from the UK! Malta- You should always turn up to your partner's house with a gift- even if it's a houseplant- you must not show up empty handed.

Iceland- It's all about the body confidence- nudity is encouraged- so skin to the wind.

Icelandic people don't date before having sex- it's the other away around.

Here's a guide to take you through your first Euro date.

To gather real accounts of the European dating scene, last year we asked around 500 (mostly, but not exclusively, heterosexual) expats living in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland a series of up-close and personal questions about themselves, their relationships and their sex lives.

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