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Each summer, she studied at the beach, skin on display, obviously in the game. Vancouverites are really, really good at looking hot. At the Granville Island restaurant where he works, 22-year-old Jordan Gray bantered throughout a recent evening with a couple he was serving. At the end of the evening—and this happens often to Gray—the couple handed him their business cards, said they were interested in hooking up for a threesome later that night, and asked him to call anytime, even if it was late.“It was super flattering,” Gray said to the , noting that the pair were two men, and that he identifies as hetero.

Shiny, shirtless men made a Greek-frieze-like display of pull-ups and ab crunches on the exercise bars.

On Sunday June 4, 2017, at p.m., East Precinct officers responded to the report that a shooting victim was at the Plaid Pantry store located at 11010 Southeast Foster Road.

Officers and medical personnel arrived and located a 36-year-old male suffering from a gunshot wound.

Still, some single people manage to attract all the attention they could ever want, and more. For those who get passed by, like Dawn, it’s a quagmire. For Gray, attracting sexual attention in cold-shouldered Vancouver is easy.

“I can usually tell right away if there’s any chemistry,” he says. Right.” She’s paired with Rob, a marine technician who seems lost at sea.“How old are you anyways? The daters — who can be in the restaurant up to two hours — quickly forget the cameras are there.“It’s about as close as you can get to being a fly on the wall.”What the cameras capture isn’t always flattering.“Vancouver women complained a lot about the men in Vancouver,” says Dormer. Whereas the men felt the women were only after one thing, which is money.”Some, he also believes, are genuinely looking for love.Back then there was no Tinder, no swipe right to find the love of one’s life. Now he sees participants in his dating show race out at the end to meet up with another scheduled date.“It’s so hard to meet someone, the pressure seems to be magnified even more today.”Every show ends with a brief epilogue revealing if there was a love connection between the featured couples.Matt Forney is a Chicago-based author, journalist and radio host.He blogs at Matt and is also on Gab, Instagram, Sound Cloud, and You Tube.

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