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Some Fashion Trend make you wonder on the thinking of the designer who design that weird fashion. This is one of the example of disastrous and horrible fashion.

At time you just has to wonder how certain things get started that influence the choices that millions of people make. Here is the collection of top weirdest fashion trends 2016 in the world. it will not make you boar or when ever you feel boar, just take your shoes and start looking at the fishes in it.

It has been a month of fashion and a month of a little too much fun.

We almost can’t wait to see the FW 2016 shows starting in February now! And even if we won’t be buying them all, we can certainly enjoy watching the models sashay onto stage with often incredible, sometimes ridiculous outfits, with hair and accessories to match.

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The fashion industry as a whole can be so utterly strange. When we are younger, we look to the world as strange and not strange but what defines each category is our societal bias.(Source) Some trends make you wonder how they ever caught on.Take "bubble nails"—bulbous, acrylic fingernails painted in a variety of colors and patterns.Instead of shaking things up in a major way or setting trends, these in-between collections usually consist of safe silhouettes and pieces guaranteed to sell when they hit sales floors.Still, that didn't stop designers from pushing the envelope this season, as evidenced by the 13 trends ahead.

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