Who is mason gamble dating

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Mason Gamble began acting at age 6, and very soon had a number of roles to his credit.He played the title role of Dennis Mitchell in “Dennis the Menace”.You don't need us to tell you where Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are. Leave a comment about who you want us to find and maybe you'll see them in the future.

She went to UCLA and now, she's kind of like us …

It's a big job for a little kid, but we wanted to have a real six-year-old play the part." They found their man in Mason Gamble, the adorable freckle-faced son of character actor Tim Gamble.

Previously young Gamble had appeared in several TV spots and in a bit part in "Groundhog Day" (1993).

Wilson would've been very proud of Gamble's real life accomplishments.

He later attended UCLA and continued to pursue acting for awhile, but Gamble eventually fell out of the spotlight. Gamble played Dirk Calloway — the friend and chapel partner of Jason Schwartzman's character, Max Fischer. He also spat on Herman Blume (Bill Murray's) car like a boss and effortlessly delivered his most famous line from the film.

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