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Years later in Vegas, she dated a "tall, tan and muscular" comedian with a "huge cult following." However, he was often rude and made her feel that he was "embarrassed" to be seen with her.

"It was clear to me that this person who had seemed like the self-deprecating, funny 'good guy' on TV was kind of the opposite in real life," she says.

She ran to Las Vegas and gave herself four years to climb out of the rabbit hole she felt like she had fallen into.

Now a 36-year-old married mother of one with another baby on the way, she spills all her secrets in her new book, Hugh Hefner's ex embarked on a whirlwind romance with magician weeks after moving to Las Vegas, but soon the star became "controlling," she claims.

, Holly Madison got REAL about her struggles to date following her escape from the Playboy mansion in 2008. Names have been changed to protect the innocent I share a lot of stories because it was my first time out there as a single woman dating and I was really trying hard – even though I was doing a reality show at the time and I was in the public eye – to keep my dating life private.

Unsurprisingly, her foray into the dating scene was anything but easy! I was tired of being associated with one other person and that has its own set of challenges, so there was some crazy adventures and mishaps along the way." Dayum, sounds rough!

"I had found myself once again in an all-consuming relationship, similar in many ways to the one I had just left behind."Even before Hef, Madison caught the eye of celebrities as a young Los Angeles waitress.

A blue-eyed, blond "pop idol" from a boy band attempted to charm her with an "expensive' date, but she eventually began to see that he was a self-obsessed "tool." "Despite being starstruck, I knew that this was not a person I wanted to spend any more time with," she writes.

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